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Our Mission at Nostalgia

Deliver exceptional coffee to our customers to support a systemic shift to a more equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and diverse coffee industry.

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We create damn good coffee.
Our world-class coffee growers, ethically exceptional coffee millers, and award-winning roaster come together to continually innovate and improve our product. The result - some of the best damn coffee around. With coffees ranging from crowd-pleasing blends to the highest-rated single origins in the world, along with our industry-leading and ecofriendly brew bags, we are confident that our award-winning line-up will deliver exactly what you want.

We do our part to protect the Earth.
We are committed to upholding sustainable business practices and ethical sourcing of goods. That means we strive to reduce our carbon footprint every single day. We use nearly 50% less fuel during our roasting process, created a fully compostable brew bag, ensure our producing partners use the climate-smart and rainforest alliance best practices on their farms, and we compost all our coffee grounds too. We believe that every action matters.

We deeply care about people.
We give 5% of our revenue directly back to producers each year! We ensure that everyone on the team is paid a thriving and equal wage. We work directly with producers to ensure they earn a thriving rate for their coffee. We ensure that women, LGBTQ, and BIPOC community members are in leadership roles, and we are working to support the next generation of producers and minority-owned farmers. That is why over 50% of our coffee is produced by women-owned farms!

Give a 5 to the farmers

5% of our REVENUE goes DIRECTLY to PRODUCERS each year

Why? Because it's about striving for equity. We know our partners, the majority of whom are women, have been subjected to decades of inequity. So it is all of our responsibility to make an impact and do the right thing. This is just the start.

We believe that coffee can create the nostalgia of a sweet memory.

We all either have a favorite neighborhood coffee shop or dream of a place we can sit quietly, relax, and savor an exceptional cup of coffee. It’s a place you can hide away to enjoy your new favorite book, cram for your next test, or just pick up a to go cup from a friendly barista and be on your way.

At Nostalgia, we honor the memories that surround coffee. We’re passionate about bringing that feeling to you through award-winning taste and excellent customer experience. We hope our coffee is an opportunity for you to stop, savor, and enjoy.

Coffee Review 95 Points - #15 in 2022
Champion - Golden Bean - Gold Medal Winner 2022
Good Food awards finalist 2023

Proud Parents of honor students, aren’t they just so talented?

Meet the team

What happens when you bring together a former CPA, an award-winning coffee roaster, a top tier barista, and a PHD?
A whole lot of fun—and very good coffee.

Taylor Fields striking a pose and laughing
Taylor Fields Founder & CEO, She/Her/Hers

Favorite way to have coffee:

An early morning pour-over on Chemex before heading to the beach with my awesome girlfriend!

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Gillian Wight Head of Sales, She/Her/Hers

Favorite way to have coffee:

Sipping a natural processed Ethiopian flash-brew on a hot day while taking my pup on a walk!