Nostalgia Brew Bag being picked up out of a cup
Nostalgia Brew Bag being picked up out of a cup

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A note from our founder

Thanks for taking the time to check out our coffee! Our wide range of offerings spread from crowd-pleasing dark and medium roasts, to the highest rated single origin coffees in the world and everything in between. We have our groundbreaking and industry-leading brew bags and award-winning whole and ground coffee. We meet you where you are from taste preference, to roast profile, and to brew methods and we hope all this combined brings true joy to your team, clients, and customers.

That being said, we are so much more than just a coffee roaster. We’re scientists, dreamers, and innovators. Entrepreneurs and creatives. But most of all, we’re a diverse crew of coffee lovers that are transforming the coffee industry and everyone around it.

At Nostalgia, we are darn proud to be a gay woman-owned company based in San Diego, California. At the core of who we are sits our values that guide every decision we make. Of these, diversity, inclusion, equality, dignity, and sustainability are paramount to our identity.

We give 5% of our revenue directly back to producers. We ensure that everyone on the team is paid a thriving wage and an equal wage. Period. We work directly with producers to ensure they earn a thriving rate and fair price for their hard work. We ensure that women are in leadership positions. We will always support producers who are just beginning their journey into specialty coffee or have the odds stacked against them. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll always seek out diverse and under-represented coffee producers around the world and work with them year after year.

We do all of this not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it leads to real impact, progress, and the betterment of our community, our team, our producers, and their communities.

When we stick to these principles day in and day out, exceptional coffee follows and hopefully smiles abound from you, your team, customers and clients.

We look forward to the potential to be that partner you have always wanted, and we hope you enjoy the coffee!


Taylor Fields