Brazil Irmas Pereira Light Roast Coffee

340g / 12oz

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"Our greatest pride is our union as sisters and our main challenge is to keep our pioneering spirit up. This is what makes our coffee stand out... This is what makes the difference. If we stay on the edge of innovation, we’ll always be [one] step ahead and in a strong position”.   - Maria Rogéria Pereira

 If we had asked our Founder, Taylor, one year ago if a single-origin coffee from Brazil could stand up to the best micro-lot coffees in the world, she would have said “no.” Thankfully we didn’t and luckily the Pereira Sisters are around to change her and the entire coffee industry's way of thinking.  Adjectives like sweet, lively, and complex are rarely if ever, mentioned when describing coffee from the largest coffee-producing country in the world-Brazil.  But, never doubt the power of women as this 100% women-produced coffee by Maria Valéria and Maria Rogéria Pereira are redefining what coffee from Brazil can be. In fact, this cup is uniquely complex, brilliantly sweet, and enticingly warm thanks to hints of spiced cider, melon, and dark chocolate.

 The Pereira Sisters and their sister company, Carmo Coffees, are now our 2nd largest producing partner by volume. Taylor spent 10 days last year visiting Fezenda Irmãs Pereira and Carmo Coffees and learned firsthand the meticulous care they put into each coffee they produce.  Their coffee now plays a key role in our Memory Lane blend all year long. Keep an eye out for the Pereira Sisters as they look to shape the specialty coffee industry going forward.  

 Fun fact: Taylor originally fell in love with coffee at Intelligentsia in Chicago while studying for her CPA exam. It turns out that Intelligentsia was one of the Pereira Sisters first roasting partners in the USA!

 More on the Pereira Family

Antônio Andrade Pereira Filho and Maria da Conceição Costa Pereira decided to invest in coffee growing in Carmo de Minas, Brazil in the early 70s. They bought 90 acres of land and started to plant the first seedlings. While those trees grew, the two daughters of the couple were born: Maria Valéria and Maria Rogéria. The sisters started helping their father run the farm at a very early age. When their father died, the sisters decided not to split the farm, but rather, run it together. They changed the name of the farm from Serrado to Irmãs Pereira (Pereira Sisters, in English) to seal the spirit of sisterhood. With new management, the sisters invested in the production of specialty coffee and innovative farming and processing techniques. Today, they are leading the Brazilian specialty coffee market growing unique varietals and pushing the limits of what coffee from Brazil can be.  


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Carmo de Minas, Brazil

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Spiced Apple Cider, Melon, Dark Chocolate


Mundo Novo




Maria Valéria & Maria Rogéria Pereira


Fazenda Irmãs Pereira