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Colombia Sudan Rume Light Roast Coffee

226g / 8oz

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From coffee Review "Multi-faceted, enticingly sweet-savory. Lychee, cardamom, cocoa nib, fennel, star jasmine in aroma and cup. Savory-sweet structure with vibrantly juicy acidity; syrupy-smooth mouthfeel. Rich-toned, very long finish with leading notes of lychee and cardamom.  The Bottom Line: An excitingly complex natural-processed Colombia Sudan Rume, layered and deep, with sweet tropical fruit notes and an umami foundation." 

Only the most awe-inspiring and rare coffees we develop are given the Roaster's Reserve distinction.

These coffees must be nearly free from all defects, be roasted in nano batches, and provide an unparalleled sensory experience — evoking nostalgic memories in those who taste it.

This coffee was grown and processed by one of the most well known producers in the world--Cafe Granja La Esperanza (CGLE). CGLE was originally founded in 1945 by Blanca Ligia Correa and Juan Antonio Herrera. Fun fact--they had 14 kids! Today, CGLE is run by Rigoberto Herrera and comprises of five farms which have won numerous awards including the acclaimed SCAA Brewer’s Cup, Barista Championship and Roaster's Choice awards. CGLE's dedication to innovation, precision, and research is changing the landscape for coffee producers around the world, resulting in better yields, more sustainable practices and better quality.  

The variety of coffee known as Sudan Rume was discovered in 1942 in the Boma Plateau, southeast of the Republic of Sudan. It is one of the most sought after varieties of coffee in the world due to the extraordinary cup is capable of producing. Despite its incredible flavor profile, Sudan Rume is rarely produced around the world as the tree only excels under precise conditions where soil, altitude and the climate are just right.

This coffee was was processed using the natural method and picked by hand at peak ripeness. After picking the cherries, the coffee is left for 48 hours in silos before being moved to raised beds for 28 days of solar drying. The coffee is then left in storage for 3 months at origin and 9 months in San Diego to help stabilize it and reduce the astringency of freshness. The result is a warming cup full of spices, balanced acidity, moderate sweetness and a creamy mouthfeel. 

As a thank you to ordering our Roaster's Reserve Coffee, we are packaging each order in a Professional Series Coffee Vac. This reusable Vac allows freshly roasted coffee to degas and breath, maintaining freshness by creating a vacuum seal each time the Vac is closed.






Valle De Cauca, Colombia

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Cardamom, Apple Jacks, Black Licorice


Sudan Rume




Rigoberto Herrera


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