Colombia Mil Sentidos Light Roasted Coffee

340g / 12oz

retro stars

At 17, Valeria is the youngest producer we work with but you wouldn't know that by the quality of Mil Sentidos. Meaning a thousand senses, this coffee is true to it's name- brilliant, lively, exciting and sweet.

This coffee is a standout Colombian washed coffee. Inspired by Valeria's love for coffee and her family, Mil Sentidos puts Valerias talents on display. She comes from a coffee farming family with some of her earliest memories running around on the coffee farm with her parents. Her skills have been honed and her abilities released thanks in large part to UVI, a joint partnership between our friends at Unblended Coffee and Ventola Coffee. UVI is on a mission to help producers (most of whom are young) improve their farming and production capacity, bolster their business acumen and make introductions to roasters in the United States. Thanks to their hardwork and dedication, producers in UVI are able to earn 2-5x what their coffee would otherwise sell for!

Valeria is truly an inspiration to us at Nostalgia and holds a dear place in the heart of our Founder, Taylor. Valeria is ambitious, driven, intelligent and leading the charge in a heavily male dominated industry. Valeria is the type of producer we love to work with and always will. Together, we are truly making coffee more sustainable, equitable, diverse and inclusive.

We hope you enjoy this coffee around the Valentines Holiday and truly fall in love with this coffee just as we did.